Shaping Remembrance from Shakespeare to Milton

Shaping Remembrance from Shakespeare to Milton

Phillippy, Patricia

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction - 'An amber casket'; Part I. 'Signes of Remembrance': 1. 'A Mousoleum for a flie': Sidney Montagu and the sacramental sign; 2. Wondrous work: crafting remembrance in the Montagu archive; 3. Innogen's needle: remembrance and romance in Cymbeline; Part II. 'Monuments of Antiquitie'; 4. 'The grave is but a cabinet': remembrance and recreation in post-reformation London; 5. Shakespearean reliquaries: Pericles and the ark of wonder; 6. 'Chain'd up in alabaster': awakening remembrance in The Winter's Tale and Comus; Conclusion - 'many worlds fantastic framed'.
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