Shakespeare's Double Plays

Shakespeare's Double Plays

Dramatic Economy on the Early Modern Stage

Gamboa, Brett (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire)

Cambridge University Press






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Presenting the first comprehensive study of how Shakespeare designed his plays to suit his playing company, Brett Gamboa demonstrates how Shakespeare turned his limitations to creative advantage, and how doubling suited his unique sense of the dramatic.
Introduction; 1. 'Improbable fictions': Shakespeare's plays without the plays; 2. Versatility and verisimilitude on sixteenth-century stages; 3. Doubling in The Winter's Tale; 4. Dramaturgical directives and Shakespeare's cast size; 5. Doubling in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet; 6. 'What, are they children?': Reconsidering Shakespeare's boy actors; 7. Doubling in Twelfth Night and Othello; Epilogue: ragozine and Shakespearean substitution; Appendix: doubling roles in Shakespeare's plays.
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