Shakespeare and Virtue

Shakespeare and Virtue

A Handbook


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Julia Reinhard Lupton and Donovan Sherman; Part I. Shakespeare and Virtue Ethics: 1. Arete Jeffrey S. Doty and Daniel Bloom; 2. Dynamis (dynamism, capacity) and energeia (actuality) Christopher Crosbie; 3. Techne Jeffrey Gore; 4. Eudaimonia Katarzyna Lecky; 5. Ethos Joseph Turner; 6. Hexis (habit) Kate Narveson; 7. Stoicism Donovan Sherman; 8. Skepticism James Kuzner; 9. Askesis and asceticism Jennifer R. Rust; 10. Shakespeare's moral compass Neema Parvini; Part II. Shakespeare's Virtues: 11. The four cardinal virtues: Caesar's mantle and practical wisdom Kevin Curran; 12. The three theological virtues Sarah Beckwith; 13. Prudence: the wisdom of 'hazarding all' in the merchant of Venice Kelly Lehtonen; 14. Friendship Sean Keilen; 15. Patience Nick Moschovakis; 16. Care Benjamin Parris; 17. Hospitality Joan Pong Linton; 18. Respect Sanford Budick; 19. Chastity Jennifer Flaherty; 20. Wit Indira Ghose; 21. Service Joseph Sterrett; 22. Humility Richard Wilson; 23. Kindness Paul Yachnin; 24. Stewardship and resilience: the environmental virtues Jessica Rosenberg; 25. Cognitive virtue and global ecosociability Donald Wehrs; 26. Trust: don't ever change David Carroll Simon; 27. Being 'free' as a virtue Richard Strier; Part III. Shakespeare and Global Virtue Traditions: 28. Shakespeare's rabbinic virtues: a listening ear Stephanie Shirilan; 29. Islamic virtues: ethics in the premodern ottoman empire Yasin Basaran; 30. Persian virtues: hospitality, tolerance and peacebuilding in the age of Shakespeare Sheiba Kian Kaufman; 31. Buddhist virtues: Equanimity, mindfulness and compassion in hamlet Unhae Langis; 32. The virtues in black theology Vincent Lloyd; 33. Virtue on Robben Island David Schalkwyk; 34. Globability: the virtue of worlding Jane Hwang Degenhardt; Part IV. Virtuous Performances: 35. Dramaturgy: the virtue/virtuosity of unfolding hamlet's story Freddie Rokem; 36. Performing chastity: the marina project Katharine Craik and Ewan Fernie; 37. Villains in prison, villains on stage: is Shakespeare really salvific? Mariacristina Cavecchi; 38. Teaching Shakespeare and moral agency Michael Bristol.
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