Shakespeare Survey 70: Volume 70

Shakespeare Survey 70: Volume 70

Creating Shakespeare

Holland, Peter (University of Notre Dame, Indiana)

Cambridge University Press






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The seventieth volume in the annual series of volumes devoted to Shakespeare study and production. The articles are drawn from the World Shakespeare Congress, held 400 years after Shakespeare's death in July/August 2016 in Stratford-upon-Avon and London. The theme is 'Creating Shakespeare'.
1. 'Think when we talk of horses ...' Gregory Doran; 2. Adrian Lester in dialogue with Ayanna Thompson; 3. Shakespeare and the novel: a conversation Howard Jacobson and Adrian Poole; 4. 'Music still': understanding and reconstructing Shakespeare's use of musical underscore Claire van Kampen; Part I. Shakespeare: Biography and Celebration: 5. Remembering and forgetting in 1916: Israel Gollancz, the Shakespeare tercentenary and the National Theatre Gordon McMullan; 6. Four centuries of centenaries: Stratford-upon-Avon Michael Dobson; 7. Writing and re-writing Shakespeare's life: a roundtable discussion with Margreta de Grazia, Katherine Scheil, James Shapiro, and Stanley Wells Paul Edmondson; 8. The merchant in Venice: re-creating Shakespeare in the Ghetto Shaul Bassi; 9. Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice in and beyond the Ghetto Carol Chillington Rutter; Part II. Shakespeare and Textual Studies: 10. What the quills can tell: the case of John Fletcher and Philip Massinger's Love's Cure Jose A. Perez Diez; 11. What if Greg and Werstine had examined early Modern Spanish Dramatic Manuscripts Jesus Tronch; 12. Exit manuscripts: the archive of theatre and the archive of print John Jowett; 13. 'Sblood! Hamlet's oaths and the editing of Shakespeare's plays Lucy Munro; 14. Antihonorificabilitudinitatibus: Love's Labour's Lost and unteachable words Adam Zucker; 15. Shakespeare and who? Aeschylus, Edward III, and Thomas Kyd Gary Taylor, John V. Nance and Keegan Cooper; 16. Authorial attribution and Shakespearean variety: genre, form and chronology Hugh Craig; Part lll. Shakespeare and Early Modern Contexts: 17. 'My mother's maids, when they did sew and spin': staging sewing, telling tales Hester Lees-Jeffries; 18. Why prospero drowned his books, and other Catholic folklore Helen Cooper; 19. Why did the English stage take boys for actresses? Pamela Allen Brown; 20. Acting amiss: towards a history of actorly craft and playhouse judgement Simon Smith 21. 'What imports this song?': spontaneous singers and spaces of meaning in Shakespeare Elisabeth Lutteman; 22. Shakespeare's depriving particles Ruth Morse; 23. Shakespeare's comedy of upright status: standing bears and fallen humans Laurie Shannon; 24. 'Worth the name of a Christian'?: the parabolic economy of Two Gentlemen of Verona Margaret Tudeau-Clayton; 25. 'Titus, unkind': Shakespeare's revision of Vergil's Aeneas in Titus Andronicus Megan Allen; 26. 'Cut him out in little stars': Juliet's cute classicism Julia Reinhard Lupton; 27. The will of Caesar: choice-making, the death of the Roman Republic, and the development of Shakespearean character Katharine Eisaman Maus; 28. 'As for that light hobby-horse, my sister': Shakespearean influences and popular discourses in Blurt, Master Constable Natalia Pikli; 29. Messianic ugliness in A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Winter's Tale Naomi Baker; 30. Shakespeare performances in England, 2016 Stephen Purcell; 31. Professional Shakespeare productions in the British Isles, January-December 2015 James Shaw; Part IV. The Year's Contribution to Shakespeare Studies: 1. Critical studies reviewed by Charlotte Scott; 2. The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare reviewed by Russell Jackson; 3. Shakespeare in performance reviewed by Russell Jackson; 4. Editions and textual studies reviewed by Peter Kirwan; Abstracts.
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