Semiconductor Nanolasers

Semiconductor Nanolasers

Gu, Qing (University of Texas, Dallas); Fainman, Yeshaiahu (University of California, San Diego)

Cambridge University Press






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The first of its kind, this comprehensive resource explains the fundamental physics of semiconductor nanolasers along with details of their design, fabrication, and applications. This is essential reading for graduate students, researchers, and professionals in optoelectronics, applied photonics, physics, and materials science.
1. Introduction; 2. Photonic mode metal-dielectric-metal based nanolasers; 3. Purcell effect and the evaluation of Purcell and spontaneous emission factors; 4. Plasmonic mode metal-dielectric-metal based nanolasers; 5. Antenna-inspired nano-patch lasers; 6. Active medium for semiconductor nanolasers: MQW vs. bulk gain; 7. Electrically pumped nanolasers; 8. Multi-physics design for nanolasers; 9. Cavity-free nanolaser; 10. Beyond nanolasers: inversionless exciton-polariton microlaser; 11. Application of nanolasers: photonic integrated circuits and other applications.