Selection and Decision in Judicial Process around the World

Selection and Decision in Judicial Process around the World

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Introduction Yun-chien Chang; 1. Do patent law suits target invalid patents? Michael Frakes and Melissa Wassermann; 2. Platform procedure: using technology to facilitate (efficient) civil settlement J. J. Prescott and Alexander Sanchez; 3. Speedy adjudication in hard cases and low settlement rates in easy cases: an empirical analysis of Taiwan courts with comparison to US federal courts Yun-chien Chang and William Hubbard; 4. How lower courts respond to a change in a legal rule Anthony Niblett; 5. Career judge system and court decision biases: preliminary evidence from Japan Hatsuru Morita and Manabu Matsunaka; 6. Judges avoid ex post but not ex ante inefficiency: theory and empirical evidence from Taiwan Yun-chien Chang; 7. When winning is not enough: prevailing-party civil appeals in state courts Michael Heise; 8. The evolution of case influence in modern consumer standard form contracts Florencia Marotta-Wurgler; 9. Judging insurance antidiscrimination law Ronen Avraham, Alma Cohen and Ity Shurtz, 10. Are judges harsher with repeat offenders? Evidence from the European Court of Human Rights Eric Langlais, Alessandro Melcarne and Giovanni Ramello; 11. Does efficiency trump legality? The case of the German Constitutional Court Christoph Engel.
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case selection; court decisions; law and economics; Judge Richard Posner; tranaction costs; decision-making costs; European Court of Human Rights; empirical legal studies; quantitative analysis; law and social science