Schopenhauer: The World as Will and Representation: Volume 2

Schopenhauer: The World as Will and Representation: Volume 2

Janaway, Christopher (University of Southampton); Norman, Judith (Trinity University, Texas); Welchman, Alistair (University of Texas, San Antonio); Schopenhauer, Arthur

Cambridge University Press






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This monumental work presents Schopenhauer's metaphysics of the will, and wide-ranging philosophical reflections on psychology, desire, sex, death, and salvation.
Volume 2: Introduction; Supplements to the First Book; First half: the doctrine of intuitive representation; 1. On the fundamental view of idealism; 2. On the doctrine of intuitive cognition, or cognition based in the understanding; 3. Concerning the senses; 4. On cognition a priori; Second half: the doctrine of abstract representation, or thinking; 5. On the intellect in the absence of reason; 6. On the doctrine of abstract or rational cognition; 7. On the relation of intuitive to abstract cognition; 8. On the theory of the comical; 9. On logic in general; 10. On the study of syllogisms; 11. On rhetoric; 12. On the doctrine of science; 13. On the doctrine of method in mathematics; 14. On the association of ideas; 15. On the essential imperfections of the intellect; 16. On the practical use of reason and Stoicism; 17. On humanity's metaphysical need; Supplements to the Second Book; 18. On the possibility of cognizing the thing in itself; 19. On the primacy of the will in self-consciousness; 20. Objectivation of the will in the animal organism; 21. Review and more general considerations; 22. Objective view of the intellect; 23. On the objectivation of the will in nature devoid of cognition; 24. On matter; 25. Transcendent considerations concerning the will as thing in itself; 26. On teleology; 27. On instinct and creative drive; 28. Characterization of the will to life; Supplements to the Third Book; 29. On the cognition of the Ideas; 30. On the pure subject of cognition; 31. On genius; 32. On madness; 33. Isolated remarks concerning natural beauty; 34. On the inner essence of art; 35. On the aesthetics of architecture; 36. Isolated remarks on the aesthetics of the visual arts; 37. On the aesthetics of literature; 38. On history; 39. On the metaphysics of music; Supplements to the Fourth Book; 40. Preface; 41. On death and its relation to the indestructibility of our essence in itself; 42. Life of the species; 43. The heritability of traits; 44. Metaphysics of sexual love; 45. On the affirmation of the will to life; 46. On the nothingness and suffering of life; 47. On ethics; 48. On the doctrine of the negation of the will to life; 49. The way to salvation; 50. Epiphilosophy.
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