Russia and the European Court of Human Rights

Russia and the European Court of Human Rights

The Strasbourg Effect


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Introduction: Russia, Strasbourg and the paradox of a human rights backlash Lauri Malksoo; Part I. Setting the Scene: 1. Russia in the Council of Europe: participation a la carte Petra Roter; Part II. Interaction between the ECtHR and Russian Courts: 2. The use of European human rights law in Russian courts Anton Burkov; 3. ECtHR and the Russian Constitutional Court: duet or duel? Sergei Marochkin; 4. The Russian Constitutional Court and the Strasbourg court: judicial pragmatism in a dual state Alexei Trochev; 5. Philosophy behind human rights: Valery Zorkin vs the West Mikhail Antonov; 6. Russia's cases in the ECtHR and the question of socialization Bill Bowring; 7. Russia's impact on the Strasbourg system: as seen by two former judges of the European Court of Human Rights Elisabet Fura and Rait Maruste; Part III. Specific Rights and Violations: Case Studies: 8. Egregious human rights violations in Chechnya: the continuing pursuit of justice Philip Leach; 9. Property rights in Russia: reconsidering the socialist legal tradition Vladislav Starzhenetskiy; 10. LGBT rights in Russia and European human rights standards Dmitri Bartenev; 11. Nativist ideological responses to European/liberal human rights discourses in contemporary Russia Benedikt Harzl; General conclusions Wolfgang Benedek.
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