Ruling by Other Means

Ruling by Other Means

State-Mobilized Movements

Perry, Elizabeth J.; Ekiert, Grzegorz; Yan, Xiaojun

Cambridge University Press






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1. State-Mobilized Movements: A Research Agenda Grzegorz Ekiert and Elizabeth J. Perry; 2. Manufactured Ambiguity: Party-State Mobilization Strategy in the March 1968 Crisis in Poland Dominika Kruszewska and Grzegorz Ekiert; 3. Suppressing Students in the People's Republic of China: Proletarian State-Mobilized Movements in 1968 and 1989 Elizabeth J. Perry and Yan Xiaojun; 4. Mobilization for Development in Rural Taiwan Kristen Looney; 5. Enforcement Networks and Racial Contention in Civil Rights-Era Mississippi David Cunningham and Peter B. Owen; 6. Social Sources of Counterrevolution: State-Mobilized Movements during Revolutionary Episodes Mark Beissinger; 7. Occupy Youth! State-Mobilized Movements in the Putin Era (or, What Was Nashi and What Comes Next?) Julie Hemment; 8. State-Mobilized Movements after Annexation of Crimea: The Construction of Novorossiya Samuel A. Greene and Graeme B. Robertson; 9. Mirroring Opposition Threats: The Logic of State Mobilization in Bolivarian Venezuela Sam Handlin; 10. Party-led Mobilization: Veterans as a Pivotal Political Actor Danijela Dolenec and Daniela Sirinic; 11. The Dynamics of State-Mobilized Movements: Insights from Egypt Ashley Anderson and Melani Cammett; 12. State-Mobilized Movements and the Pro-Democracy Movement in Hong Kong, 2013-2015 Eliza W. Y. Lee; 13. The Resurrection of Lei Feng: Rebuilding the Chinese Party-State's Infrastructure of Volunteer Mobilization David Palmer and Rundong Ning.
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