Rules of Procedure at the UN and at Inter-Governmental Conferences

Rules of Procedure at the UN and at Inter-Governmental Conferences

Sabel, Robbie (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Cambridge University Press






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This third edition of an award-winning book provides a comprehensive manual to procedure and conduct of business at the UN General Assembly and at international conferences. This will be a standard reference book for UN and conference delegates as well as scholars and students of international law and international relations.
Introduction; 1. Historical development of rules of procedure of conferences and attempts to establish model rules; 2. Adoption of rules of procedure; 3. Rules of procedure and international law; 4. Invitations, participation and credentials; 5. Presiding officer and other officers of the conference; 6. Meetings; 7. Statements by delegations; 8. Submission of proposals; 9. Adjournment and closure of debate; 10. Amendments; 11. Withdrawal and reconsideration of motions and proposals; 12. Procedural motions and points of order; 13. Priorities between different proposals; 14. Decision taking and method of voting; 15. Majority required; 16. Consensus; 17. Separate votes; 18. Conduct of voting - interruption of voting and correction of vote; 19. Languages, records and documents; 20. Committees; 21. Suspension and amendment of rules of procedure.
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