Roman Port Societies

Roman Port Societies

The Evidence of Inscriptions


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1. The Context of Roman Mediterranean Port Societies: An Introduction to the Portuslimen Project SIMON KEAY; 2. Inscriptions and Port Societies: Evidence, 'Analyse du discours', Silences and Portscapes PASCAL ARNAUD and SIMON KEAY; 3. Stationes and Associations of Merchants at Puteoli and Delos: Modes of Social Organization and Integration DIRK STEUERNAGEL; 4. Boatmen and Their Corpora in the Great Ports of the Roman West (Second to Third Centuries AD) NICOLAS TRAN; 5. Roman Port Societies and Their Collegia: Differences and Similarities between the Associations of Ostia and Ephesos DOROTHEA ROHDE; 6. Port Occupations and Social Hierarchies: A Comparative Study through Inscriptions from Hispalis, Arelate, Lugdunum, Narbo Martius, Ostia-Portus and Aquileia HELENE ROUGIER; 7.Warehouse Societies CATHERINE VIRLOUVET; 8. The Imperial Cult and the Sacred Bonds of Roman Overseas Commerce TACO TERPSTRA; 9. Law and Life in Roman Harbours JEAN-JACQUES AUBERT; 10. Living Like a Cosmopolitan? On Roman Port City Societies in the Western Mediterranean SABINE PANZRAM; 11. Ports, Trade and Supply Routes in Western Europe: The Case of Narbonne MICHEL CHRISTOL; 12. The Port Society of Narona MARC MAYER; 13. Municipal Authority, Central Authority and Euergetists at Work at the Port: Layers of Activity and Interplay at Ephesos PASCAL ARNAUD 14 The Structure of Mercantile Communities in the Roman World: How Open Were Roman Trade Networks? Koenraad Verboven 15 Polysemy, Epigraphic Habit and Social Legibility of Maritime Shippers: Navicularii, Naukleroi, Naucleri, Nauculari, Nauclari Pascal Arnaud 16 Reading Roman Port Societies Nicholas Purcell
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