River Dynamics

River Dynamics

Geomorphology to Support Management

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Preface; Introduction; 2. The Dynamics of Drainage Basins and Stream Networks; 3. Sediment Dynamics at Global and Drainage-Basin Scales; 4. Flow Dynamics in Rivers; 5. Sediment Transport Dynamics in Rivers; 6. Magnitude-Frequency Concepts and the Dynamics of Channel-Forming Events; 7. The Shaping of Channel Geometry; 8. Channel Planform - Controls on Development and Change; 9. The Dynamics of Meandering Rivers; 10. The Dynamics of Braided Rivers; 11. The Dynamics of Anabranching Rivers; 12. The Dynamics of River Confluences; 13. The Vertical Dimension of Rivers: Longitudinal Profiles, Profile Adjustments, and Step-Pool Morphology; 14. The Dynamics of Floodplains; 15. Human Impacts on River Dynamics; 16. River Dynamics and Management; Appendix A. Power Functions in Fluvial Geomorphology; Appendix B. Characterization of Fluvial Sediment; Appendix C. Measuring Discharge and Velocities in Rivers; Appendix D. Measurement of Sediment Transport in Rivers; List of Symbols; References; Index.