Ritual, Play and Belief, in Evolution and Early Human Societies

Ritual, Play and Belief, in Evolution and Early Human Societies

Renfrew, Colin (University of Cambridge); Boyd, Michael (University of Cambridge); Morley, Iain (University of Oxford)

Cambridge University Press






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The origins of religion and ritual in humans hold a longstanding fascination, and have been the focus of centuries of thought in archaeology, anthropology, theology, evolutionary psychology and more. Here, ritual and the development of human societies are related to the critical human and animal legacy of play and performance.
1. Introducing ritual, play and belief: in evolution and early human societies Iain Morley; 2. Introduction: play as the precursor of ritual in early human societies Colin Renfrew; Part I. Play and Ritual: Forms, Foundations and Evolution in Animals and Humans: 3. The origins, evolution, and interconnections of play and ritual: setting the stage Gordon Burghardt; 4. Play and creativity Patrick Bateson; 5. Pretend and sociodramatic play in evolutionary and developmental perspective Peter K. Smith; 6. Pretend play, cognition and life-history in human evolution Iain Morley; 7. From play and ritualisation to ritual and its arts: sources of Upper Pleistocene ritual practices in Lower Middle Pleistocene ritualised and play behaviours in ancestral hominins Ellen Dissanayake; Part II. Playing with Belief and Performance in Ancient Societies: 8. Maya sacred play: the view from El Peru-Waka' David Friedel and Michelle Rich; 9. Communal performance and ritual practice in the Ancestral Puebloan era of the American Southwest Claire Halley; 10. Architecture and imagery in the early Neolithic of Southwest Asia: framing rituals, stabilizing meanings Trevor Watkins; 11. Dancing with masks in the Protohistoric Near East Yosef Garfinkel; 12. Ritual, mimesis and the animal world in early China Roel Sterckx; 13. Manipulating the bones: Eating and augury in the Maltese temples Caroline Malone; Part III. The Ritual in the Game, The Game in the Ritual: 14. Play, ritual and transformation: Sports, animals and manhood in Egyptian and Aegean art Lyvia Morgan; 15. Bull games in Minoan Crete: social and symbolic dimensions Nanno Marinatos; 16. Epic Games Nigel Spivey; 17. The ball game, boxing and ritual bloodsport in ancient Mesoamerica Karl Taube; 18. Rituals, games and learning Vanghelis Kyriakidis; Part IV. From Play to Faith? Discussion: 19. Play and ritual: some thoughts from a material-culture perspective Lambros Malafouris; 20. Believing in play and ritual Robin Osborne; 21. The pentagram of performance: ritual, play and social transformation Iain Morley.
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