Rethinking Liberty before Liberalism

Rethinking Liberty before Liberalism


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Introduction Hannah Dawson and Annelien de Dijn; Part I. Authors: 1. Freedom without republicanism: the case of Montaigne Felicity Green; 2. Hugo Grotius on freedom of will and self-government: Greek, patristic and roman legacies Martin van Gelderen; 3. Liberty before licence in Locke Hannah Dawson; Part II. Hierarchies: 4. Liberty and hierarchy in Milton's revolutionary prose Rachel Foxley; 5. Democratic republicanism in the early modern period Annelien de Dijn; 6. Gender, liberty, participation and virtue: what the eighteenth century can teach us about republicanism Sandrine Berges; 7. Liberty, death, and slavery in the age of atlantic revolutions, 1770s-1790s Rene Koekkoek; Part III. Traditions: 8. Beyond the 'wretched subterfuge': liberalism, freedom, and responsibility Eric Nelson; 9. 'A just and true liberty': the idea of (neo-roman) freedom in francophone counter-revolutionary thought c. 1780-1800 Matthijs Lok; 10. Chains and invisible threads: liberty and domination in Marx's account of wage-slavery Bruno Leipold; 11. Republican liberty in the philosophy of human rights Lena Halldenius; Conclusion: on neo-roman liberty: a response and reassessment Quentin Skinner.
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