Rethinking Career Studies

Rethinking Career Studies

Facilitating Conversation across Boundaries with the Social Chronology Framework

Mayrhofer, Wolfgang (Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien, Austria); Gunz, Hugh (University of Toronto)

Cambridge University Press






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Rethinking Career Studies provides a comprehensive overview of career studies, bridging the various scholarly discourses in the field. Students, researchers and practitioners will be introduced to the ways in which career studies relate to other areas of the social sciences and will gain insight into career outcomes and their influencing factors.
Figures; Tables; Preface; Part I. Point of Departure: 1. Establishing the need for the Social Chronology Framework; 2. Exploring career as a concept; Part II. The Social Chronology Framework (SCF): 3. The three perspectives and their view of career; 4. A heuristic model of career; 5. Exploring the architectonics of the SCF; Part III. Putting the SCF to work: 6. Facilitating conversations within career studies; 7. Stimulating cumulative research within career studies; 8. Bringing ideas in from organization studies; 9. Contributing to organization studies; Part IV. Conclusion: 10. Taking the SCF forward; References.
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