Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology


Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Part I. Understanding Research: 1. Psychology, science, and life; 2. Ethics in research; 3. Planning research: generating a research question; 4. Practical issues in planning your research; Part II. Basic Experimental Research and Data Analysis: 5. Organizing data with descriptive statistics; 6. Conducting an experiment: general principles; 7. Experimental methods; 8. Basic inferential statistics; 9. Looking for differences between two treatments; Part III. Advanced Research and Data Analysis: 10. Looking for differences among multiple treatments; 11. Multiple independent variables: factorial designs; Part IV. Nonexperimental Research Designs: 12. Principles of survey research; 13. Correlation, regression, and non-parametric tests; Part V. Culture and Research: 14. People are different: considering cultural and individual differences in research; Appendix A. Writing a research report; Appendix B. Statistics review; Appendix C. Statistical tables; References; Author index; Subject index.
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