Reporting the First World War

Reporting the First World War

Charles Repington, The Times and the Great War

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. The Years of Preparation, 1903-1914: 1. A new profession; 2. Kitchener's champion; 3. Esher's War Office reforms; 4. Arnold Forster lays the foundation for the General Staff; 5. Anglo-French military conversations; 6. Finding suitable generals; 7. Invasion; 8. Repington helps Haldane; 9. Conscription; 10. Northcliffe and The Times, Repington and the Army Review; 11. The Curragh incident; 12. Are the army and navy prepared for war?; Part II. The War Years, 1914-1918: 13. The 1915 shells scandal; 14. How do we secure the necessary troops?; 15. Changing the Old Guard; 16. The Somme; 17. Repington leaves The Times; 18. At odds with DORA; 19. Repington discredited; 20. A consummation devoutly to be wished; Part III. After the War, 1918-1925: 21. Peace poses its own problems, 1918-1920; 22. Last post, 1920-1925; 23. A fractured reputation; Biographical notes; Source notes; Select bibliography; Index.
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