Religious Hatred and International Law

Religious Hatred and International Law

The Prohibition of Incitement to Violence or Discrimination

Temperman, Jeroen

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction; Part I. The Genesis of the Prohibition of Religious Hatred Constituting Incitement in International Law: 2. Pre-ICCPR developments; 3. The drafting of Article 20(2) ICCPR; Part II. Preliminary Matters: 4. The mandatory nature of Article 20(2) ICCPR; 5. Article 20(2) ICCPR: prohibition per se or also human right?; 6. Comparative international perspectives: CERD and the European Court of Human Rights on the 'right to be free from incitement'; Part III. Legislative Obligations: Defining the Scope of the Offence of 'Advocacy of Religious Hatred that Constitutes Incitement': 7. The actus reus of 'advocacy of religious hatred constituting incitement': threshold, definitions, and concepts; 8. National incitement law checklist; Part IV. Judging Incitement: 9. Intent; 10. The context of religious hatred; 11. Holocaust denial and glorification of religious violence; Part V. Aggravating Factors and Sanctions: 12. Organized hatred; 13. Sanctions; Part VI. Conclusion: 14. Conclusion.
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