Religious Diversity in the Workplace

Religious Diversity in the Workplace

Klarsfeld, Alain; Hartel, Professor Charmine E. J. (University of Queensland); Syed, Jawad (Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan); Ngunjiri, Faith Wambura (Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota)

Cambridge University Press






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This handbook provides a timely analysis of religious diversity in organizations, investigating the role of national context, the intersections of religion with ethnicity and gender, and approaches to diversity management. It is ideal for academics and practitioners in management, religion, sociology, human resource management, cross-cultural management, governance, and diversity management.
Introduction: the complex interface of work and religion Jawad Syed, Alain Klarsfeld, Faith Wambur Ngunjiri and Charmine E. J. Hartel; Part I. General Frameworks and Sources of Reflection: 1. A relational perspective on religious diversity at work Jawad Syed; 2. Religious diversity, identity and workplace inclusion Charmine E. J. Hartel, Jasmin C. R. Hartel and Prem Ramburuth; Part II. Religious Approaches: 3. The Christian faith and the preservation of personal identity Timothy Ewest; 4. Islamic view of diversity: implications for the business world Abbas J. Ali; 5. The untold, the unseen and the forgettable: Jewishness, Jews and Judaism in diversity management scholarship Alain Klarsfeld; 6. National perspectives on Jews at work: contrasting Australia, France, Israel and the UK Alain Klarsfeld, Diane Bebbington, Avi Kay, Lucy Taksa, Fei Guo and Philip Mendes; 7. Hinduism, religious diversity and spirituality at work in India Radha R. Sharma and Rana Haq; 8. Buddhist Brahmaviharas and religious diversity at work Edwina Pio; Part III. Regional Approaches: 9. Spirituality and workplace diversity practices in Africa Kurt A. April, Thabo Makgoba and Dion A. Forster; 10. The French principle of Laicite and religious pluralism in the workplace: main findings and issues Patrick Banon and Jean-Francois Chanlat; 11. Lessons from the academy: Concordia College's journey toward religious pluralism Jacqueline Bussie and Michelle Lelwica; 12. Religious diversity in the Canadian workplace: the case of Muslims Hanifa Itani and Yusuf M. Sidani; 13. Religious diversity at work in the Asia-Pacific region Edwina Pio and Timothy Pratt; Part IV. Organizational Approaches: 14. Organizational approaches to religious diversity in the workplace Timothy Ewest; 15. From diverse references to diverse attitudes towards religion at work: focus on the French case Geraldine Galindo and Hedia Zannad; 16. Resilient leadership and tempered radicalism: navigating the intersections of race, gender, nationality and religion Faith Wambur Ngunjiri and Kathy-Ann C. Hernandez; Index.
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