Religion and Charity

Religion and Charity

The Social Life of Goodness in Chinese Societies

Huang, C. Julia (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan); Wu, Keping; Weller, Robert P. (Boston University); Fan, Lizhu (Fudan University, Shanghai)

Cambridge University Press






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Religion and Charity shows how ideas about goodness change over time, and how those changes shape both religion and philanthropy. It will appeal to scholars and students interested in moralities, in faith-based organizations, and in Chinese societies.
1. Engaged religions and the social life of goodness; 2. Legacies and discontinuities in China, Taiwan and Malaysia; 3. Political merit-making: religious philanthropy and the state; 4. A (Chinese) good person; 5. Gifts, groups, and goodness; 6. Innovating the good; 7. Alternative goodness; 8. Conclusion: the unlimited good in context.
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