Reinventing the Propeller

Reinventing the Propeller

Aeronautical Specialty and the Triumph of the Modern Airplane

Kinney, Jeremy R. (National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC)

Cambridge University Press






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Reinventing the Propeller documents this story of a forgotten technology to reveal new perspectives on the technical development of the airplane and the rise of modern aviation. As a scholarly history of the airplane propeller, this book will appeal to specialists and general readers interested in aeronautical history, the history of flight, and science and technology.
1. Introduction. The propeller and the modern airplane; 2. 'The best propeller for starting is not the best for flying'; 3. 'Engineering of a pioneer character'; 4. A 'new type adjustable-pitch propeller'; 5. 'The propeller that took Lindbergh across'; 6. 'The ultimate solution of our propeller problem'; 7. No. 1 propeller company; 8. A gear shift for the airplane; 9. Constant-speed; 10. 'The Spitfire now 'is an aeroplane''; 11. A propeller for the air age; 12. Conclusion. The triumph and decline of the propeller; Essay on sources; Index.
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