Reimagining the National Security State

Reimagining the National Security State

Liberalism on the Brink

Cambridge University Press






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Foreword Donald Glascoff; Part I. The National Security State: Power and Purpose in Perspective: 1. Who's checking whom? Michael J. Glennon; 2. The deep state vs the failed state: illusions and realities in the pursuit of security John Gray; 3. A tale of two countries: fundamental rights in the 'war on terror' Douglas Cassel; 4. The national security state gone awry: returning to first principles Loch K. Johnson; Part II. Tracking the Decline: 5. The illiberal experiment: how Guantanamo became a defining American institution Michel Paradis; 6. National security and court deference: ramifications and worrying trends Laura Pitter; 7. The zealotry of 'terrorism' Thomas A. Durkin; 8. Re-imagining the national security state: illusions and constraints - by the numbers Joshua L. Dratel; 9. Beyond counterinsurgency paradigm of governing: letting go of prediction and the illusion of an internal enemy Bernard E. Harcourt; 10. Re-establishing the rule of law as national security Mary Ellen O'Connell; Part III. Novel Paths Forward: 11. Rethinking the national security state from an evolutionary perspective: a reconnaissance David Sloan Wilson; 12. Concluding remarks John Berger; Select bibliography; Index.