Regulatory Waves

Regulatory Waves

Comparative Perspectives on State Regulation and Self-Regulation Policies in the Nonprofit Sector

Dunn, Alison; Breen, Oonagh B.; Fremont-Smith, Marion R.; Sidel, Mark

Cambridge University Press






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An analysis of the features of both governmental regulation of non-profit organizations and self-regulation by non-profit sectors themselves.
Foreword Marion Fremont-Smith; 1. Regulatory waves: an introduction Oonagh B. Breen, Alison Dunn and Mark Sidel; 2. Eddies and tides: statutory regulation, co-regulation and self-regulation in charity law in Britain Alison Dunn; 3. Waiting for the big wave: a fifty year retrospective on the ebb and flow of Irish charity regulation Oonagh B. Breen; 4. Non-profit regulatory waves in sub-Saharan Africa: cooperation, contestation and crackdown Mary Kay Gugerty; 5. State regulation and the emergence of self-regulation in the Chinese and Vietnamese nonprofit and philanthropic sectors Mark Sidel; 6. The regulation and self-regulation of civil sector organizations in Israel Nissan Limor and Noy Brindt; 7. Regulation and self-regulation in the Mexican nonprofit sector Michael D. Layton; 8. Waves of nonprofit regulation and self-regulation in Latin America: evidence and trends from Brazil and Ecuador Susan Appe and Marcelo Marchesini da Costa; 9. Australia: co-production, self-regulation and co-regulation Myles McGregor-Lowndes; 10. The relationships between state and non-state interventions in charitable solicitation law in the United States Putnam Barber and Megan F. Farwell; 11. Regulatory waves: a conclusion Alison Dunn, Oonagh B. Breen and Mark Sidel; Index.
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