Regulatory Waves

Regulatory Waves

Comparative Perspectives on State Regulation and Self-Regulation Policies in the Nonprofit Sector

Dunn, Alison; Fremont-Smith, Marion R.; Sidel, Mark; Breen, Oonagh B.

Cambridge University Press






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This book provides an analysis of nonprofit regulatory theory which will be of interest to scholars, students and practitioners in the fields of law, regulation, nonprofit studies and policy formation. It provides comparative analysis of nonprofit regulation in sixteen different jurisdictions.
Foreword Marion Fremont-Smith; 1. Regulatory waves: an introduction Oonagh B. Breen, Alison Dunn and Mark Sidel; 2. Eddies and tides: statutory regulation, co-regulation and self-regulation in charity law in Britain Alison Dunn; 3. Waiting for the big wave: a fifty year retrospective on the ebb and flow of Irish charity regulation Oonagh B. Breen; 4. Non-profit regulatory waves in sub-Saharan Africa: cooperation, contestation and crackdown Mary Kay Gugerty; 5. State regulation and the emergence of self-regulation in the Chinese and Vietnamese nonprofit and philanthropic sectors Mark Sidel; 6. The regulation and self-regulation of civil sector organizations in Israel Nissan Limor and Noy Brindt; 7. Regulation and self-regulation in the Mexican nonprofit sector Michael D. Layton; 8. Waves of nonprofit regulation and self-regulation in Latin America: evidence and trends from Brazil and Ecuador Susan Appe and Marcelo Marchesini da Costa; 9. Australia: co-production, self-regulation and co-regulation Myles McGregor-Lowndes; 10. The relationships between state and non-state interventions in charitable solicitation law in the United States Putnam Barber and Megan F. Farwell; 11. Regulatory waves: a conclusion Alison Dunn, Oonagh B. Breen and Mark Sidel; Index.
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