Regimes of Inequality

Regimes of Inequality

The Political Economy of Health and Wealth

Lynch, Julia

Cambridge University Press






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1. Explaining resilient inequalities in health and wealth; 2. Theorizing regimes of inequality: welfare, neoliberalism, and the reframing of a social problem; 3. Health inequalities: the emergence of an international consensus policy frame; 4. New Labour, the redistributive taboo, and reframing inequality in England after the Black Report; 5. Inequality, territory, austerity: health equity in France since the u-turn; 6. From risk factors to social determinants: how the changing social democratic welfare regime in Finland reframed health inequality; 7. In and out of the Overton Window: how talking about health inequality made the problem harder to solve; 8. Regimes of inequality; Appendix. Content analysis of government and commissioned health inequality reports.
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