Reexamining Customary International Law

Reexamining Customary International Law

Cambridge University Press






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Foreword Michael Wood; 1. Introduction: why does customary international law need reexamining? Brian D. Lepard; Part I. Reexamining Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on Customary International Law: 2. Customary international law in historical context: the exercise of power without general acceptance J. Patrick Kelly; 3. Fake custom Fernando R. Teson; 4. The role of consent and uncertainty in the formation of customary international law Niels Petersen; 5. Customary law and general principles: rethinking their relationship Thomas Kleinlein; Part II. Reexamining Customary Humanitarian Law: 6. The ICRC and the clarification of customary international humanitarian law Jean-Marie Henckaerts and Els Debuf; 7. From the 'demands of humanity': the formulation of opinio juris in decisions of international criminal tribunals and the need for a renewed emphasis on state practice Noora Arajarvi; Part III. Reexamining Customary Human Rights Law: 8. Towards a new theory of customary international human rights law Brian D. Lepard; 9. Using customary international law to improve women's lives Anna Williams Shavers; Part IV. Reexamining Customary Air and Space Law: 10. Customary international law in aviation: a hundred years of travel through the competing norms of sovereignty and freedom of overflight Sofia Michaelides-Mateou; 11. Customary international law and outer space Frans von der Dunk; Part V. Reexamining Customary International Law: 12. Concluding reflections: insights from reexamining customary international law Brian D. Lepard.
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