Red Zones

Red Zones

Criminal Law and the Territorial Governance of Marginalized People

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Cambridge University Press






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List of figures; List of maps; List of tables; Acknowledgments; Table of cases; Table of legislation; 1. Navigating the territories of the law; Part I. Foundations: 2. Law and territory, a legal geography; 3. 'Recognizances to keep the peace and be of good behaviour': the legal history of red zones and conditions of release; Part II. Expansion: 4. Territory widening; 5. The shifting and expanding terrain of criminal justice management; Part III. Territorialization and its Consequences: 6. Territorializing: how legal territory is made and justified; 7. Conditional life inside the red zone; 8. Red zoning politics; Conclusion; 9. Red zones in and out of the courtroom; Bibliography; Index.
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