Reconstructing Atrocity Prevention

Reconstructing Atrocity Prevention

Galis, Tiberiu; Rosenberg, Sheri P.; Zucker, Alex

Cambridge University Press






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Preface Romeo Dallaire; Introduction Sheri Rosenberg, Tibi Galis and Alex Zucker; Part I. Fluidities: 1. What is being prevented? Genocide, mass atrocity, and conceptual ambiguity in the anti-atrocity movement Scott Straus; 2. The pistol on the wall: how coercive military intervention limits atrocity prevention policies Bridget Conley-Zilkic; 3. Operationalizing the 'atrocity prevention lens': making prevention a living reality Alex Bellamy; 4. The 'narrow but deep approach' to implementing the responsibility to protect: reassessing the focus on international crimes Jennifer Welsh; 5. The role of social psychology in preventing group-selective mass atrocities Johanna Vollhardt; 6. Gender, sexualized violence, and the prevention of genocide Elisa von Joeden-Forgey; Part II. Above Chronology: 7. Audacity of hope: international criminal law, mass atrocity crimes, and prevention Sheri Rosenberg; 8. Historical dialogue and the prevention of atrocity crimes Elazar Barkan; 9. Through the barrel of a gun: can information from the global arms trade contribute to genocide prevention? Andrew Feinstein; 10. The individual responsibility to protect Edward Luck and Dana Luck; 11. Resource predation, contemporary conflict, and the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities Michael Klare; 12. Deconstructing risk and developing resilience: the role of inhibitory factors in genocide prevention Deborah Mayersen; 13. Military means of preventing mass atrocities Dwight Raymond; Part III. Acting Out Prevention: 14. Performing prevention: civil society, performance studies, and the role of public activism in genocide prevention Kerry Whigham; 15. Early warning for mass atrocities: tracking escalation parameters at the population level Jennifer Leaning; 16. Mobilizing economic sanctions for preventing mass atrocities: from targeting dictators to enablers George Lopez; 17. Corporate behavior and atrocity prevention: is aiding and abetting liability the best way to influence corporate behavior? Owen Pell and Kelly Bonner; 18. A short story of a long effort: the United Nations and the prevention of mass atrocities Ekkehard Strauss; 19. The practical use of early warning and response in preventing mass atrocities and genocide: experiences from the Great Lakes region Ashad Sentongo; 20. The Argentinian national mechanism for the prevention of genocide: a case study in contemporary preventive institution-building Ramiro Riera.
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