Realising the Demographic Dividend

Realising the Demographic Dividend

Policies to Achieve Inclusive Growth in India

Mehrotra, Santosh (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

Cambridge University Press






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This book discusses policies to achieve inclusive growth in India. It deals with various development issues, such as the failure to increase employment despite unprecedented industrial and services growth, and the failure to ensure human capabilities so that the poor can participate in the benefits of economic growth.
List of tables and figures; Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I. Growth, Employment and Inclusion: 1. Capability-centred approach to inclusive growth: theoretical framework and empirical reality; 2. Sustaining economic growth; 3. Ensuring higher agricultural growth and the revival of rural India; 4. Addressing the employment-related paradoxes of economic growth; 5. Public finance: increasing fiscal capacity; 6. Skill development: finding new financing mechanisms to take vocational education and training to scale; 7. A common platform for skill development: implementing the national skills qualification framework; Part II. Human Capital Formation: 8. Addressing capability deprivation of women for inclusive growth; 9. From the right to education to the right to learning; 10. Food security, nutrition and health: policy dilemmas and interlinked challenges; 11. Redesigning sanitation programmes to make India free from open defaecation; Part III. Building a System of Social Protection: 12. Minimising leakages in welfare programmes: how to identify the poor correctly?; 13. Needed a social insurance system for unorganised workers below the poverty line; 14. Introducing cash transfers: a proposal for a minimum income guarantee and some CCTs; Part IV. Governance: 15. Two pre-requisites for optimum governance: deep fiscal decentralisation and the bureaucracy's ability to learn; 16. Addressing left-wing extremism: encourage peace to secure development - or the other way around?; Index.
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