Reading American Indian Law

Reading American Indian Law

Foundational Principles


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Editor and contributor biographies; Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. Core Concepts: 1. Marshalling past and present: colonization, constitutionalism, and interpretation in federal Indian law, 107 Harvard Law Review 381 (1993) Philip P. Frickey; 2. The algebra of federal Indian law: the hard trail of decolonizing and Americanizing the white man's jurisprudence, 1986 Wisconsin Law Review 219 (1986) Robert A. Williams, Jr; 3. Red: racism and the American Indian, 56 UCLA Law Review 591 (2009) Bethany R. Berger; 4. (Tribal) sovereignty and illiberalism, 95 California Law Review 799 (2007) Angela R. Riley; Part II. Voices: 5. 'Life comes from it': Navajo justice concepts, 24 New Mexico Law Review 175 (1994) Robert Yazzie; 6. Tribal court praxis: one year in the life of twenty Indian tribal courts, 22 American Indian Law Review 285 (1998) Nell Jessup Newton; 7. Beyond Indian law: the Rehnquist Court's pursuit of states' rights, color-blind justice and mainstream values, 86 Minnesota Law Review 267 (2001) David H. Getches; 8. A narrative of sovereignty: illuminating the paradox of the domestic dependent nation, 83 Oregon Law Review 1109 (2005) Sarah Krakoff; Part III. Property: 9. Sovereignty and property, 86 Northwestern University Law Review 1 (1991) Joseph William Singer; 10. The legacy of allotment, 27 Arizona State Law Journal 1 (1995) Judith V. Royster; 11. A common law for our age of colonialism: the judicial divestiture of Indian tribal authority over nonmembers, 109 Yale Law Journal 1 (1999) Philip P. Frickey; 12. In defense of property, 118 Yale Law Journal 1022 (2009) Kristen A. Carpenter, Sonia K. Katyal and Angela R. Riley; Part IV. (Mis)Understandings: 13. Dependent sovereigns: Indian tribes, states, and the federal courts, 56 University of Chicago Law Review 671 (1989) Judith Resnik; 14. There is no federal Supremacy Clause for Indian Tribes, 34 Arizona State Law Journal 113 (2002) Robert N. Clinton; 15. American Indians, crime, and the law, 104 Michigan Law Review 709 (2006) Kevin K. Washburn; 16. Factbound and splitless: the Certiorari process as barrier to justice for Indian tribes, 51 Arizona Law Review 933 (2009) Matthew L. M. Fletcher.
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