Re-Visioning Psychiatry

Re-Visioning Psychiatry

Cultural Phenomenology, Critical Neuroscience, and Global Mental Health

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1. Introduction Laurence J. Kirmayer, Robert Lemelson and Constance A. Cummings; Part I. Restoring Phenomenology to Psychiatry: 2. Toward a new epistemology of psychiatry German E. Berrios and Ivana S. Markova; 3. Phenomenology and the interpretation of psychopathological experience Josef Parnas and Shaun Gallagher; 4. How the self is altered in psychiatric disorders: a neurophenomenal approach Georg Northoff; 5. Cultural phenomenology and psychiatric illness Thomas J. Csordas; 6. Empathy and alterity in psychiatry Laurence J. Kirmayer; 7. Reflections: the community life of objects - beyond the academic clinic Nev Jones; Part II. Biosocial Mechanisms in Mental Health and Illness: 8. Dimensional and categorical approaches to mental illness: let biology decide Robert M. Bilder; 9. Early-life adversity and epigenetic changes: implications for understanding suicide Benoit Labonte, Adel Farah and Gustavo Turecki; 10. Understanding the neural circuitry of emotion regulation: white matter tract abnormalities and psychiatric disorder Cecile D. Ladouceur, Amelia Versace and Mary L. Phillips; 11. Paying attention to a field in crisis: psychiatry, neuroscience, and functional systems of the brain Amir Raz and Ethan Macdonald; 12. Reflections: hearing voices - how social context shapes psychiatric symptoms Tanya M. Luhrmann; Part III. Cultural Contexts of Psychopathology: 13. Understanding the social etiology of psychosis Kwame McKenzie and Jai Shah; 14. Toward a cultural neuroscience of anxiety disorders: the multiplex model Devon E. Hinton and Naomi M. Simon; 15. From the brain disease model to ecologies of addiction Eugene Raikhel; 16. Cultural clinical psychology: from cultural scripts to contextualized treatments Andrew G. Ryder and Yulia E. Chentsova-Dutton; 17. Psychiatric classification beyond the DSM: an interdisciplinary approach Roberto Lewis-Fernandez and Neil Krishan Aggarwal; 18. Reflections: the virtues of cultural sameness - the case of delusion Ian Gold; Part IV. Psychiatric Practice in Global Context: 19. Afflictions: psychopathology and recovery in cultural context Robert Lemelson and Annie Tucker; 20. Eating pathology in Fiji: phenomenologic diversity, visibility, and vulnerability Anne E. Becker and Jennifer J. Thomas; 21. Solving global mental health as a delivery problem: toward a critical epistemology of the solution Kalman Applbaum; 22. Global mental health praxis: perspectives from cultural psychiatry on research and intervention Brandon A. Kohrt and James L. Griffith; 23. Reflections: social inequalities and mental health outcomes - toward a new architecture for global mental health Duncan Pedersen; 24. Conclusion: re-visioning psychiatry - toward an ecology of mind in health and illness Laurence J. Kirmayer.
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