Race in American Literature and Culture

Race in American Literature and Culture

Ernest, John

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Fractured Foundations: 1. American empire Edward Larkin; 2. Synchronic and diachronic: Race in early American literatures Katy Chiles; 3. Protean oceans: Racial uncertainty in Arthur Gordon Pym and Emmanuel Appadocca Gesa Mackenthun; Part II. Racial Citizenship: 4. 'Faithful Reflection' and the work of African American literary history Derrick Spires; 5. Beyond protest Koritha Mitchell; 6. Affiliated races Edlie L. Wong; Part III. Contending Forces: 7. Reconstructing race Sarah Gardner; 8. Out of the silent South: White Southerners writing race during the long reconstruction John Grammer; 9. Neighborliness, race, and nineteenth-century regional fiction Stephanie Foote; Part IV. Reconfigurations: 10. Passing M. Giulia Fabi; 11. Beyond assimilation John Alba Cutler; 12. Native reconfigurations Kiara M. Vigil; 13. Dispossessions and repositionings: Sarah Winnemucca's school as anti-colonialist lesson Cari Carpenter; 14. 'White by Law,' White by literature: Naturalization and the constructedness of race in the literature of American naturalism Mita Banerjee; Part V. Envisioning Race: 15. Picturing race: African Americans in US visual culture before the Civil War Martha J. Cutter; 16. 'The Man That Was a Thing': Uncle Tom's Cabin, photographic vision, and the portrayal of race in the nineteenth century Maurice Wallace; 17. Locating race Melanie B. Taylor; 18. De-forming and re-making: Bernardine Evaristo's Girl, Woman, Other and the multifocal decolonial novel Paula M. L. Moya and Luz M. Jimenez Ruvalcaba; Part VI. Case Studies: 19. Collective biographies and African American history: Men of Mark (1887) and Progress of a Race (1897) Claire Parfait; 20. Aztlan for the middle class: Chicano literary activism Jose Antonio Arellano; 21. The racial underground Kinohi Nishikawa; 22. Literature in Hawaiian pidgin and the critique of Asian settler colonialism Jeehyun Lim; 23. Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere and the burning house of American literature Anna Brickhouse; Part VII. Reflections and Prospects: 24. What is missing? Black history, Black loss and Black resurrectionary poetics P. Gabrielle Foreman; 24. Traditions, communities, literature Siobhan Senier; 26. Children of the future Min Hyoung Song; 27 Presidential race Stephanie Li.
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