Quantum Spin Glasses, Annealing and Computation

Quantum Spin Glasses, Annealing and Computation

Chakrabarti, Bikas K.; Tamura, Ryo; Tanaka, Shu; Inoue, Jun-Ichi

Cambridge University Press






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Highlighting the principles of quantum annealing and its role in solving combinatorial optimization problems, this text discusses recent developments in the field of quantum computations and quantum physics of spin glasses including quantum annealing methods, replica method and Nishimori line.
List of tables; List of figures, Preface; 1. Introduction; Part I. Quantum Spin Glass, Annealing and Computation: 2. Classical spin models from ferromagnetic spin systems to spin glasses; 3. Simulated annealing; 4. Quantum spin glass; 5. Quantum dynamics; 6. Quantum annealing; Part II. Additional Notes: 7. Notes on adiabatic quantum computers; 8. Quantum information and quenching dynamics; 9. A brief historical note on the studies of quantum glass, annealing and computation.
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