Qualitative Studies of Silence

Qualitative Studies of Silence

The Unsaid as Social Action


Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: a turn to silence Amy Jo Murray and Kevin Durrheim; 2. Literal and metaphorical silences in rhetoric: examples from the celebration of the 1974 Revolution in the Portuguese Parliament Michael Billig and Cristina Marinho; 3. Seeing silenced agendas in medical interaction: a conversation analytic case study Merran Toerien and Clare Jackson; 4. Listening to the sound of silence: methodological reflections on studying the unsaid Eviatar Zerubavel; 5. Social silences: conducting ethnographic research on racism in the Americas Christina A. Sue and Mary Robertson; 6. Intimate silences and inequality: noticing the unsaid through layered data Amy Jo Murray and Nicole Lambert; 7. Silence in the court: moral exclusion at the intersection of disability, race, sexuality, and methodology Susan Opotow, Emese Ilyes and Michelle Fine; 8. Silencing self and other through autobiographical narratives Robyn Fivush and Monisha Pasupathi; 9. Gendering the unsaid and the unsayable Gregory Coles and Cheryl Glenn; 10. The language ideology of silence and silencing in public discourse: claims to silencing as metadiscursive moves in German anti-political correctness discourse Melani Schr ter; 11. Propaganda by omission: the case of topical silence Tom Huckin; 12. Silencing whistleblowers C. Fred Alford; 13. Between sound and silence: the inaudible and the unsayable in the history of the First World War Jay Winter; 14. Affect and the unsaid: silences, impasses, and testimonies to trauma Michael Richardson and Kyla Allison; 15. The unsaid and the unheard: acknowledgement, accountability, and recognition in the face of silence Stephen Frosh; 16. Topographies of the said and unsaid Kevin Durrheim and Amy Jo Murray.
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