Qualia and Mental Causation in a Physical World

Qualia and Mental Causation in a Physical World

Themes from the Philosophy of Jaegwon Kim

Sosa, David (University of Texas, Austin); Sabates, Marcelo (Kansas State University); Horgan, Terence (University of Arizona)

Cambridge University Press






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How does mind fit into nature? No contemporary philosopher has done more to clarify this question than Jaegwon Kim, a distinguished analytic philosopher specializing in metaphysics and philosophy of mind. With new contributions from an outstanding line-up of eminent scholars, this volume focuses on issues raised in Kim's work.
1. Reality and reduction: what's really at stake in the causal exclusion debate Louise Antony; 2. Two property theories and the causal conundrum for physicalism Frank Jackson; 3. Mental causation: the free lunch Barry Loewer; 4. Does mental causation require psychophysical identities? Brian McLaughlin; 5. The Canberra plan neglects ground Ned Block; 6. Microrealization and the mental Sydney Shoemaker; 7. Supervenience and the causal explanation of behavior Fred Dretske; 8. Visual awareness and visual qualia Christopher Hill; 9. Phenomenal externalism, Lolita, and the planet Xenon Michael Tye; 10. Troubles for radical transparency James Van Cleve; 11. How theories work: open questions for methodological philosophy of science Lawrence Sklar.
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