Principles of Seismology

Principles of Seismology

Udias, Agustin; Buforn, Elisa

Cambridge University Press






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1. Seismology. The science of earthquakes; 2. Earthquakes, Earth's structure and dynamics; 3. Instrumentation and digital data processing; 4. Basic concepts and equations of an elastic medium; 5. Waves in an infinite elastic medium; 6. Reflection and refraction; 7. Body wave propagation in layered media; 8. Ray theory. Media of constant velocity; 9. Ray theory media of variable velocity; 10. Ray theory spherical media; 11. Travel times and the structure of the Earth; 12. Surface waves; 13. Wave dispersion. Phase and group velocities; 14. Free oscillations of the Earth. Theory and observations; 15. Anelasticity and anisotropy; 16. Focal parameters of earthquakes; 17. Basic theory of earthquake mechanism; 18. The seismic moment tensor; 19. Simple models of fracture; 20. Methods of determination of source mechanisms; 21. Seismicity, seismotectonics, seismic risk, and prediction.
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