Principles of Seismology

Principles of Seismology

Udias, Agustin; Buforn, Elisa (Ecole Normale Superieure Paris)

Cambridge University Press






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An intermediate-level textbook on the origin and nature of earthquakes and what they reveal about the structure of the Earth's interior. This second edition of Principles of Seismology has been extensively updated to present a modern approach to observation seismology and the theory behind digital seismograms.
1. Seismology. The science of earthquakes; 2. Earthquakes, Earth's structure and dynamics; 3. Instrumentation and digital data processing; 4. Basic concepts and equations of an elastic medium; 5. Waves in an infinite elastic medium; 6. Reflection and refraction; 7. Body wave propagation in layered media; 8. Ray theory. Media of constant velocity; 9. Ray theory media of variable velocity; 10. Ray theory spherical media; 11. Travel times and the structure of the Earth; 12. Surface waves; 13. Wave dispersion. Phase and group velocities; 14. Free oscillations of the Earth. Theory and observations; 15. Anelasticity and anisotropy; 16. Focal parameters of earthquakes; 17. Basic theory of earthquake mechanism; 18. The seismic moment tensor; 19. Simple models of fracture; 20. Methods of determination of source mechanisms; 21. Seismicity, seismotectonics, seismic risk, and prediction.
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