Preventing War and Promoting Peace

Preventing War and Promoting Peace

A Guide for Health Professionals

White, Shelley K.; Wiist, William H.

Cambridge University Press






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List of figures; List of tables; Contributors; Foreword Barry S. Levy and Victor W. Sidel; Preface Shelley K. White; Acknowledgements; Introduction: intersections of militarism, imperialism and corporate power as context for the prevention of war and promotion of peace William H. Wiist; Part I. The Health Effects of War and Weapons of War: 1. The effects of war on combatants, veterans and their families Evan Kanter; 2. Health effects of war on civilians Kaveh Khoshnood, Bandy X. Lee, and Chanel Marin; 3. The consequences of war on the natural environment Michael J. Lawrence, Aaron J. Zolderdo and Steven J. Cooke; 4. Weapons of war and mass destruction Curtis Holland, Marjorie Cohn, Ira Helfand and Jean Grassman; Part II. Social Determinants of War: 5. The normalization of militarism and propensity for war John Lindsay-Poland; 6. Structural violence and war: global inequalities, resources and climate change Patrick T. Hiller; 7. Under what conditions does ethnic conflict result in armed violence? Clark McCauley and Joseph G. Bock; 8. The war profiteers: defense contractors driving the permanent war economy Miriam Pemberton; 9. News as entertainment: the ultimate war propaganda machine, or opportunity to promote peace? Annabel McGoldrick; 10. The quiet military buyout of academia Kathy Barker; Part III. Preventing War and Promoting Peace: 11. Use of complex systems modelling to strengthen public health's role in preventing war William H. Wiist; 12. The ethics of war and peace in the contemporary era Andrew Flescher; 13. The role of international law in preventing war and promoting peace Stuart Casey-Maslen; 14. Lessons from a historical view of health organizations' activism for the prevention of war Casey Hurrell; 15. A gluttonous military budget leaves our social welfare in poor health Jonathan White; 16. Pacifism and conscientious objection: war resistance in the United States Geraldine Gorman; 17. Countering military recruitment in high schools Amy Hagopian and Kathy Barker; 18. Civil disobedience and direct action in the prevention of war Kurt Schock; 19. Advocacy skills for the primary prevention of war Regina A. Galer-Unti; Part IV. Teaching and Research in Public Health toward the Prevention of War: 20. Teaching and learning methods for engaging health professionals in the prevention of war Shelley K. White; 21. Conducting health research toward preventing war and promoting peace William H. Wiist; Appendices: 1. Public health competencies for the prevention of war; 2. War, militarism and health: toward primary prevention: a syllabus outline Shelley K. White; 3. Additional resources; Index.