Present at the Transition

Present at the Transition

An Inside Look at the Role of History, Politics, and Personalities in Post-Communist Countries

Havrylyshyn, Oleh

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. The Diverse Paths Taken in Transition: 1. Review of key debates at the beginning; 2. Reforms and results of transition: first some facts; Part II. Choice of Strategy: Was it History? Politics? Or People?: 3. Historical legacies: hysteresis vs critical juncture; 4. Reform commitment of political leaders and populations; 5. The role of technocrats; 6. External incentives and pressures; Part III. Domestic Vested Interests and Reforms: 7. The old guard: politicians, technocrats, and red directors; 8. Formation of the oligarchs; 9. Corruption: pervasive, persistent and pernicious; Part IV. Outcomes and Prospects: 11. The transition tapestry: wefts of history, warps-at choice; 12. Quo vadis post-communa?: an epilogue.
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