Preferential Services Liberalization

Preferential Services Liberalization

The Case of the European Union and Federal States

Jacobsson, Johanna

Cambridge University Press






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Part I: 1. Preferential trade agreements in the WTO; 2. The GATS rules on economic integration agreements (EIAs); 3. Elimination of discrimination in EIAs; Part II: 4. Services regulation by federal states; 5. Application of GATS Article V to federal entities; 6. A review of federal entities' services commitments under the GATS and selected EIAs; Part III: 7. Empirical research on services preferentialism; 8. A new methodology for the study of EIAs; 9. Adaption to scheduling differences and economic realities; Part IV: 10. The results of the empirical study; 11. Legal analysis of the results; 12. Application of Article V GATS to the EU's EIAs; 13. Conclusion; Appendices; Index.