Pragmatics in English Language Learning

Pragmatics in English Language Learning

Halenko, Nicola; Wang, Jiayi

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Nicola Halenko and Jiayi Wang; 1. Second language pragmatics: A historical overview and future directions Naoko Taguchi; Part I. Pragmatics in Action: 2. "Mind your language": L2 English email requests during study abroad Jiayi Wang and Nicola Halenko; 3. Pragmatic development in request performance: a cross-sectional study of Greek EFL learners Maria Economidou-Kogetsidis; 4. Placing oneself in the reader's shoes: developing pragmatic awareness of the perlocutionary effect of speech act discourse Sara Gesuato; 5. "Hey, you, can I loan your yellow pencil?": Young Norwegian EFL learners' metapragmatic appraisal of requests Milica Savic and Anders Myrset; Part II Instructed Pragmatics: 6. Foreign language pragmatic development in an instructed context: Investigating input and output focusing on the speech acts of agreement and disagreement Gila A. Schauer; 7. 'Learning to say 'no' in different ways': tracking EFL learner performance and perceptions of pragmatics instruction in Mexico Elizabeth Flores-Salgado and Nicola Halenko; 8. Using self-access materials to learn pragmatics in the U.S. academic setting: what do Indonesian EFL learners pick up? Ananda Muhammad; Conclusion Jiayi Wang and Nicola Halenko.