Policy Shock

Policy Shock

Recalibrating Risk and Regulation after Oil Spills, Nuclear Accidents and Financial Crises

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1. Introduction Edward J. Balleisen, Lori S. Bennear, Kimberly D. Krawiec and Jonathan B. Wiener; Part I. The Conceptual Terrain of Crises and Risk Perceptions: 2. Economic analysis, risk regulation and the dynamics of policy regret Lori S. Bennear; 3. Revised risk assessments and the insurance industry Carolyn Kousky; 4. Understanding public risk perception and responses to changes in perceived risk Elke U. Weber; 5. Focusing events, risk and regulation Thomas A. Birkland and Megan K. Warnement; 6. The story of risk: how narratives shape risk communication, perception and policy Frederick W. Mayer; Part II. Case Studies on Offshore Oil Spills: 7. From Santa Barbara to the Exxon-Valdez: policy learning and the emergence of a new regime for managing oil spill risk Marc Allen Eisner; 8. The Nordic model of offshore oil regulation: managing crises through a proactive regulator Ole Andreas Engen and Preben H. Lindoe; 9. Reform in real time: evaluating reorganization as a response to the Gulf oil spill Christopher Carrigan; Part III. Case Studies on Nuclear Accidents: 10. Recalibrating risks of nuclear power: reactions to Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima Elisabeth Pate-Cornell; 11. Nuclear accidents and policy responses in Europe: comparing the cases of France and Germany Kristian Krieger, Ortwin Renn, M. Brooke Rogers and Ragnar Loefstedt; 12. Public attitudes and institutional changes in Japan following nuclear accidents Atsuo Kishimoto; Part IV. Case Studies of Financial Crises: 13. Regulatory responses to the financial crises of the Great Depression: Britain, France and the United States Youssef Cassis; 14. Financial decommodification: risk and the politics of valuation in US banks Bruce G. Carruthers; 15. Euro are risk (mis)management Barry Eichengreen; 16. The regulatory responses to the global financial crisis: some uncomfortable questions Stijn Claessens and Laura Kodres; Part V. Conclusions: 17. Institutional mechanisms for investigating the regulatory implications of a major crisis: the commission of inquiry and the safety board Edward J. Balleisen, Lori Bennear, David Cheang, Jonathon Free, Megan Hayes, Emily Pechar and A. Catherine Preston; 18. Recalibrating risk: crises, learning and regulatory change Edward Balleisen, Lori Bennear, Kimberly Krawiec and Jonathan Wiener.
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