Police Innovation

Police Innovation

Contrasting Perspectives

Weisburd, David; Braga, Anthony A.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: the context of police innovation David Weisburd and Anthony Braga; Part I. Community Policing: 1. Advocate: community policing Wesley Skogan; 2. Critic: community policing: a skeptical view Stephen Mastroski; Part II. Broken Windows Policing: 3. Advocate: of 'broken windows' criminology and criminal justice William Sousa and George Kelling; 4. Critic: incivilities reduction policing, zero tolerance, and the retreat from coproduction: even weaker foundations and stronger pressures Ralph Taylor; Part III. Procedural Justice Policing: 5. Advocate: procedural justice policing Tom Tyler and Tracey Meares; 6. Critic: the limits of procedural justice David Thacher; Part IV. Problem-Oriented Policing: 7. Advocate: why problem-oriented policing John Eck; 8. Critic: problem-oriented policing: the disconnect between principles and practice Anthony Braga and David Weisburd; Part V. Pulling Levers (Focused Deterrence) Policing: 9. Advocate: policing and the lessons of focused deterrence David M. Kennedy; 10. Critic: partnership, accountability, and innovation: clarifying Boston's experience with focused deterrence Anthony Braga; Part VI. Third-Party Policing: 11. Advocate: third-party policing Lorraine Green Mazerolle and Janet Ransley; 12. Critic: third-party policing: a critical view Tracey L. Meares; Part VII. Compstat: 13. Advocate: Compstat's innovation Eli Silverman; 14. Critic: changing everything so that everything can remain the same: Compstat and American policing David Weisburd, Stephen Mastrofski, James J. Willis and Rosanne Greenspan; Part VIII. Hot Spots Policing: 15. Advocate: hot spots policing as a model for police innovation Anthony Braga and David Weisburd; 16. Critic: the limits of hot spots policing Dennis Rosenbaum; Part IX. Predictive Policing: 17. Advocate: predictive policing Jerry Ratcliffe; 18. Critic predictive policing: where's the evidence Rachel Boba; Part X. Evidence-Based / Risk-Focused Policing: 19. Advocate: evidence-based policing for crime prevention Brandon Welsh; 20. Critic which evidence? What knowledge? Broadening information about the police and their interventions Jack Greene; Part XI. Technology Policing: 21. Advocate technology in policing Barak Ariel; 22. Critic: the limits of police technology Cynthia Lum and Chris Koper; Conclusion: police innovation and the future of policing David Weisburd and Anthony Braga.
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