Plato's Symposium

Plato's Symposium

A Critical Guide

Giannopoulou, Zina; Destree, Pierre

Cambridge University Press






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1. Narrative temporalities and models of desire Zina Giannopoulou; 2. Unfamiliar voices: harmonizing the non-Socratic speeches and Plato's psychology Jeremy Reid; 3. A doctor's folly: diagnosing the speech of Eryximachus Franco V. Trivigno; 4. Aristophanic tragedy Suzanne Obdrzalek; 5. Divinization David Sedley; 6. Why Agathon's beauty matters Francisco Gonzalez; 7. Eros and the pursuit of form F. C. C. Sheffield; 8. The mortal soul and immortal happiness Andrea Nightingale; 9. A fetish for fixity? Christopher Shields; 10. Generating in beauty for the sake of immortality: personal love and the goals of the lover Anthony W. Price; 11. Alcibiades the profane: images of the mysteries Radcliffe Edmonds; 12. How does contemplation make you happy? An ethical reading of Diotima's speech Pierre Destree; 13. Eudaimonism and Platonic eros Richard Kraut.
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