Physics and Psychics

Physics and Psychics

The Occult and the Sciences in Modern Britain

Cambridge University Press






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List of figures and tables; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. New imponderables, new sciences; 1.1 Animal magnetism as physics; 1.2 The oddity of od; 1.3 Outdoing the electric telegraph; 1.4 'Scientific men' and spiritualism; 1.5 Extending the boundaries of physics; 2. A survey of physical-psychical scientists; 2.1 Inventing psychical research; 2.2 Identifying physical-psychical scientists; 2.3 Connecting physical-psychical scientists; 2.4 Gold mines of science, handmaids to faith; 2.5 Changing attitudes to psychical investigation; 3. Psychical effects and physical theories; 3.1 Removing scientific 'stumbling blocks'; 3.2 Challenging materiality; 3.3 Dim analogies; 3.4 Maxwellian psychics; 3.5 Doubts and criticisms; 4. Psychical investigation as experimental physics; 4.1 From psychic force to the radiometer; 4.2 Tying mediums with electricity; 4.3 Magnetic sense or nonsense?; 4.4 Physical as psychical laboratories; 4.5 Wanting opportunities?; 5. Expertise in physics and psychics; 5.1 Scourging spiritualists and scientists; 5.2 Tricky instruments of psychics; 5.3 Tricky instruments of physics; 5.4 Psychical researchers and conjurors; 5.5 N-rays and psychical expertise; 6. Modernising physics and psychics; 6.1 Busy men; 6.2 'Applied' psychical research; 6.3 Lodge's etherial body; 6.4 Interpreting Lodge's physics and psychics; 6.5 Interwar transitions; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.
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Physics; psychical research; Britain; nineteenth century; spiritualism; mesmerism; occult; experiment; theory