Philosophy of Science for Biologists

Philosophy of Science for Biologists


Cambridge University Press







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1. Why should biologists care about philosophy of science? Tobias Uller and Kostas Kampourakis; 2. What constitutes an explanation in biology? Angela Potochnik; 3. What is biological knowledge? Kevin McCain; 4. What is the nature of theories and models in biology? Emily Parke and Anya Plutynski; 5. How are biology concepts used and transformed? Ingo Brigandt; 6. Why does it matter that many biology concepts are metaphors? Kostas Kampourakis; 7. How do concepts contribute to scientific advancement? Evolutionary biology as a case study David Depew; 8. How can conceptual analysis contribute to scientific practice? The case of cultural evolution Tim Lewens; 9. What methods do life scientists use? A brief history with philosophical implications Erik L. Peterson; 10. Is it possible to scientifically reconstruct the history of life on earth? The biological sciences and deep time Carol Cleland; 11. What is the basis of biological classification? The search for natural systems Thomas Reydon; 12. What is the nature of scientific controversies in the biological sciences? Michael R. Dietrich; 13. What is the relation between facts and values in biological science? Biology in society Carrie Friese and Barbara Prainsack; 14. A philosopher in the age of creationism: What have I learned after fifty years doing philosophy of biology that I want to pass on to biologists Michael Ruse; 15. How can we teach philosophy of science to biologists? Kostas Kampourakis and Tobias Uller.
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