Performances of Injustice

Performances of Injustice

The Politics of Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Kenya

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Haunted by Violence: Prologue. A time of violence; 1. Confronting the past: transitional justice and the politics of time and performance; 2. Framing the good citizen for orderly elections: the prioritisation of peace; 3. Enter the International Criminal Court: performing (in) justice; Part II. A Post-South African Truth Commission: 4. The Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission: a sense of once-againness; 5. Public hearings: bringing the audience back in; 6. Truth's grand narrative (part I): of injustice and suffering; 7. 'It is because your tribe is women': of the performance of familiar gender roles; 8. Truth's grand narrative (part II): of injustice and impunity; 9. 'Only talking won't help:' of justice and reparations; Part III. Familiar Performances: 10. Performed ruptures: Whither reconciliation.
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