Peacebuilding Paradigms

Peacebuilding Paradigms

The Impact of Theoretical Diversity on Implementing Sustainable Peace

Carey, Henry F.

Cambridge University Press






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List of figures; List of tables; Acknowledgments; Foreword George Lopez; Introduction: bridging the conceptual and theoretical divides on peace and peacebuilding Henry F. Carey and Onur Sen; Part I. The Realist Paradigm: 1. Strategies for peace Michael Fowler; 2. Realism, rationalism, and peace: a top-down and a staged perspective Norrin M. Ripsman; 3. Building peace through social relationships: a primatological perspective Sarah F. Brosnan; Part II. The Liberal Paradigm: 4. Liberal peacebuilding: bringing domestic politics back in Louis-Alexandre Berg; 5. Conflict prevention and management I. William Zartman; Part III. The Constructivist Paradigm: 6. The social construction of peacebuilding Brandon Howe; 7. Generations of constructing peace: the constructivism paradigm and peacebuilding Erin McCandless and Timothy Donais; Part IV. The Cosmopolitan Paradigm: 8. A pluralist cosmopolitanism for the 21st century Richard A. Falk; 9. The international law of peace Henry F. Carey and Rebecca Sims; 10. Islamic Gnosticism and peace: a paradigmatic shift in pursuit of peace Farid Mirbagheri; Part V. The Critical Theory Paradigm: 11. Critical approaches to peacebuilding Jacob Mundy; 12. A new paradigm: engendered-sustainable peace and security Ursula Oswald Spring and Stacey M. Mitchell; 13. From Scylla to Charybdis? The risks and opportunities of digital peacebuilding Oliver P. Richmond and Ioannis Tellidis; Part VI: The Locality Paradigm: 14. Envisioning peace/transforming conflict: a global approach to peace Sabine Kurtenbach; 15. Paradigm partners for locally grounded peacebuilding John Hoven; 16. Cultural peacebuilding Aigul Kulnazarova; Part VII. The Policy Paradigm: 17. Peacebuilding paradigm from the perspective of policy approach: its outline through comparison Chigumi Kawaguchi and Josuke Ikeda; 18. A bottom-up view at peacebuilding: pragmatism, public opinion and the individual as unit of analysis in post-conflict societies Ridvan Peshkopia; 19. Conclusion: a hybrid approach to understanding peacebuilding Henry F. Carey and Stacey M. Mitchell; Bibliography; Index.
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paradigm; peacebuilding; realism; liberalism; constructivism; cosmopolitanism; hybrid; pragmatic; local; comparative