Patents on Life

Patents on Life

Religious, Moral, and Social Justice Aspects of Biotechnology and Intellectual Property

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1. Introduction Roman Cholij; Part I. Life Patents, Law, and Morality: 2. Morality, religion, and patents Kathleen Liddell and Simon Ravenscroft; 3. Religious and moral grounds for patent-eligible subject matter exclusions Joshua D. Sarnoff; 4. Life-form patents: proceedings in the European Patent Office and the role of non-commercial parties Christopher Rennie-Smith; Part II. Religious Perspectives on Life Patents: 5. Intellectual property rights and the fundamental right to the Commons in the light of Catholic social teaching Monsignor Osvaldo Neves de Almeiad; 6. Human rights and life patents: lessons from the Church's social teaching and engagement in the United States Stephen M. Colecchi; 7. Intellectual property and genetic sequences: a Jewish law perspective Michael J. Broyde and Steven S. Weiner; 8. Intellectual property, Islamic values, and the patenting of genes Mohammed El Said; 9. Christian libertarianism and the curious lack of religious objections to the patenting of life forms in the United States Paul J. Heald; 10. From 'Chakrabarty' to 'Myriad' and beyond: Catholic contributions to the gene patenting debate Paul J. Wodja; Part III. Social Justice and Political Aspects: 11. 'Thou shalt not steal': the morality of compulsory licensing of pharmaceutical patents Margo Bagley; 12. Genetic resources and patents: in search of ethical solutions to global IP discord Roman Cholij; 13. Patent for life: towards an ethical use of patents on plant innovations Michael A. Kock; 14. Germline modification of human embryos, patents and the limits of markets: rethinking equality, human diversity, and the question of innovation funding Katerina Sideri; 15. Patent governance, ethics, and democracy: how transparency and accountability norms are challenged by patents on stem cells, gametes, and genome editing (CRISPR) in Europe Ingrid Schneider; 16. Life patents, religion, and justice: a summary of themes Thomas C. Berg.
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