Patent Assertion Entities and Competition Policy

Patent Assertion Entities and Competition Policy

Sokol, D. Daniel

Cambridge University Press






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This book provides a global understanding of the patent assertion entity (patent troll) phenomenon. It explores the economics and law of patent assertion entities and their impact on competition, describing how patent and antitrust laws interact to address the issue across jurisdictions in the United States, Europe and Asia.
1. Introduction D. Daniel Sokol; 2. Missing the forest for the trolls Mark A. Lemley and A. Douglas Melamed; 3. Empirical evidence on the behavior and impact of patent trolls: a survey Lauren Cohen, Umit G. Gurun and Scott Duke Kominers; 4. Assertion of standard-essential patents by non-practicing entities Jorge L. Contreras; 5. Patent privateering: the rise of the hybrid patent assertion entities D. Daniel Sokol; 6. Regulating patent assertions Paul R. Gugliuzza; 7. Patent assertion entities in Europe Brian J. Love, Christian Helmers, Fabian Gaessler and Max Ernicke; 8. Treatment of PAEs (patent-assertion entities) under Korean antitrust law Haksoo Ko and Jeong Seo; 9. Patent assertion entities issues in China Meng Yanbei; 10. Patent assertion entities and competition law in Japan Tadashi Shiraishi; 11. Patent assertion entities in merger review in Taiwan: issues of characterization and remedies Andy C. M. Chen.
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