Originalism's Promise

Originalism's Promise

A Natural Law Account of the American Constitution

Strang, Lee J. (University of Toledo, Ohio)

Cambridge University Press






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Originalism's Promise helps Americans know their own Constitution and shows why their reverence for it, its Framers, and its legal system, is sound and valuable. The book offers a way out of the bitter fights represented by the Kavanaugh hearings, and marries the Constitution to natural law.
Introduction; Part I. A Description of Originalism: 1. A brief history of originalism in American constitutional interpretation; 2. The constitutional communication model of originalism; Part II. Originalism is the Best Explanation of our Existing Constitutional Practice and the Most Normatively Attractive Theory of Constitutional Interpretation: 3. Originalism is the best explanation for our existing constitutional practice; 4. Originalism best advances Americans' human flourishing: the law-as-coordination account of originalism; 5. Conclusion; Index.
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