Organisms, Agency, and Evolution

Organisms, Agency, and Evolution

Walsh, D. M.

Cambridge University Press






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Introducing organisms: between unificationism and exceptionalism; Part I. The Eclipse of The Organism: 1. Mechanism, reduction and emergence: of molecules and method; 2. Ensemble thinking: struggle and abstraction; 3. The fractionation of evolution: struggling or replicating?; Part II. Beyond Replicator Biology: 4. Inheritance: transmission or resemblance?; 5. Units of phenotypic control: parity or privilege?; 6. Fit and diversity: from competition to complementarity; 7. Integrating development: three grades of ontogenetic commitment; Part III. Situated Darwinism: 8. Adaptation: environments and affordances; 9. Natural purposes: mechanism and teleology; 10. Object and agent: enacting evolution; 11. Two neo-Darwinisms: fractionated or situated?; References; Index.